Phil Spencer Admits Weak Xbox Showing in 2022 as His Fault; “That’s on Me”

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It’s no secret that Xbox didn’t perform all that well during 2022, and even the CEO of the platform recognizes this. A recent interview with Xbox CEO Phil Spencer addressed the platform’s weak showing of games.

Compared to PlayStation’s AAA hits in Horizon Forbidden West and God of War Ragnarok, Xbox didn’t really offer much in the form of exclusives, and this was echoed during the platform’s effective no-show during last year’s The Game Awards

Our commitment to our fans is that we need to have a steady release of great games that people can play on our platform, and we didn’t do enough of that in 2022, there’s no doubt. And fundamentally, that’s on me. I’m the head of the business.

While 2022 wasn’t a huge showing for Xbox, Spencer did mention something positive regarding the platform’s direction moving into 2023. He stated that while “every year is critical” for Xbox, he also mentioned feeling “good” about its momentum. These are vague terms, of course, but it does hint at larger projects or events that may come in the near future.

And, for January at least, Xbox hasn’t done too badly. The recent Developer Direct show introduced a fun and engaging way to update Xbox players with new info on existing and upcoming games, and the recent shadow drop of Hi-Fi Rush was a pleasant surprise. 

2023’s just started, so it’s hard to tell at the moment how successful things will be for Xbox, so we’ll have to wait and see how things turn out throughout the year.

Source: IGN

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