PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Beats League of Legends for Most Watched Game on Twitch

Unless you’re some kind of modern age Nostradamus or you have a time machine, there’s absolutely no way anyone could have predicted how big of a success Bluehole’s PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds would be. Just how big is it? It just unseated Riot Games’ League of Legends as the most watch game on Twitch!

Bear in mind, this feat has never happened before for a game not having a tournament, championship match or any of the sort. Not one game challenged League of Legends as the most watched game on Twitch in all these years, and PUBG came out of nowhere to beat it. Just last week, 16.9 million hours of PUBG was seen by people. Of course, Dota 2 managed to hit 30 million hours of Twitch time but given it was during The International tournament, that’s to be expected. League of Legends came in at third with just over 15 million views. 

Will this trend continue? Will PUBG remain in the hearts and minds of gamers everywhere until its actual official launch? I can’t say for sure. What I do know is, I’d rather play games than watch them but I’m not judging.

Congrats, Bluehole! Once the game hits another milestone, we’ll be sure to let people know. Go check out PUBG’s week 20 update to see what’s new, and there’s a new first-person mode that got rolled out, too.

Source: PCGamesN

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