The PlayStation 4 Launches Tonight Along With One of Sony’s Biggest Exclusive Being Announced

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The day has finally arrived. Starting at midnight tonight, Sony Computer Entertainment’s next-generation console, The PlaySation 4, will be available at retail stores across North America and other regions of the world.

To celebrate this launch, Sony has released a live-action launch trailer and will be holding an pre-launch event where they plan on announcing one of their biggest PlayStation titles yet.

According to a reddit post, the unannounced game will be related to space and is a “classic” Sony title, so for those expecting a new Uncharted game or something along the lines of God of War, keep guessing.

“Just heard Kevin Pereira on the DeathSquad podcast leak some info regarding one of the big surprises tonight. He said it has to do with bringing back one of the biggest Sony exclusives, and has to do with space…I’m drawing blanks, y’all have any ideas what the announcement could be?”

If we are going to take a guess, it might be Zone of Enders, or Jak and Daxter. Who knows for certain, though.

Be on the look out for our hardware and multiplayer reviews of the PlayStation 4 launch titles some time after launch.