PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Public Beta Arriving This Fall, Leaks Acknowledged

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As many of you may know, Sony is currently running a closed Beta for it’s mash-up brawler title, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Some have been lucky enough to receive a random invite, while others have purchased a PS+ subscription from Hong Kong. For those who are not in the beta, but are hoping to get a chance to test the title, then you’ll be excited to hear that Sony has just announced a Public Beta.

Starting this Fall (before October), Playstation 3 gamers will be able to enjoy a public beta for PS All-Star. Those who have a PS+ subscription will be granted early access. Additionally, the team will be sending out more codes in the coming week for the closed beta, so keep an eye out for it in your email.

Since the game has been in closed beta testing for a while now, it seems that some people managed to take a peak into the files to find some “hidden” characters, items, stages, and modes that aren’t available in the current beta build. Superbot has finally commented on this through the PS Blog, stating:

“In addition, there was an unexpected and unintended leak in our beta that allowed fans to be able to see some additional content. We’ve enjoyed reading all of the fan reaction and are thrilled that so many of you are excited to learn more our character roster and level mash-ups, however we are still in development and the leaked content does not fully represent the final product nor the incredible efforts that were made to make these elements truly spectacular. This will be evident in the coming weeks as this content is officially revealed, beginning with our next character announcement at Gamescom in a couple of weeks.”

The Leaks

If you don’t want anything spoiled then I suggest you don’t read/view this part of the article. Otherwise, read at you’re own risk.

List of files found in the beta:


  • Dante (DMC)
  • Evil Cole (InFamous)
  • Nariko (Heavenly Sword)
  • Raiden (Metal Gear Solid)
  • Sackboy (LittleBigPlanet)
  • Ratchet & Clank (Ratchet & Clank)
  • Sir Daniel Fortesque (MediEvil)
  • Spike (Ape Escape)


  • Atomizer (Resistance 3)
  • Baumusu Axe (The Mark of Kri)
  • Boots of Hermes (God of War III)
  • Freeze Missile (Twisted Metal)
  • Golf Club (Hot Shots Golf)
  • Gravity Shield (Wipeout)
  • Hedgehog Grenade (Resistance)
  • Dohvat Laser Designator (Killzone 3)
  • Leech Beem (Wipeout)
  • Murder of Crows (BioShock Infinite)
  • Railgun (Metal Gear Solid 4)
  • Razor Claws (Ratchet and Clank)
  • RPG (Uncharted)
  • Scythe (Fat Princess)
  • Spear (God of War)
  • Sonic Rift (ModNation Racers)
  • Sackbot (Little Big Planet)


  • Captain Qwark (Ratchet & Clank)
  • Kai (Heavenly Sword)
  • Kat (Devil May Cry)
  • Kiya (MediEvil)
  • Monkey (Ape Escape)
  • Nix (InFamous 2)
  • Pierre (Doko Demo Issho)
  • Sackbot (LittleBigPlanet)
  • Sam (Metal Gear Rising)


  • Alden’s Tower (InFamous)
  • Black Rock Stadium (Twisted Metal)
  • Columbia (BioShock Infinite)
  • Franzea (LocoRoco)
  • Invasion (Killzone)
  • Paris (Sly Cooper)
  • San Francisco (Resistance)
  • Stowaways (Uncharted)
  • Time Station (Ape Escape)