PlayStation Studios Steam Page Goes Live, Lists 41 Games & DLCs

playstation steam

With Sony releasing more and more first-party games on PC, Sony has today launched the PlayStation Studios Steam page! There are about 41 games and DLCs, with some hidden.

The PlayStation Studios Steam page has the following description on its “About” portion:

“PlayStation Studios is home to the development of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s own outstanding and immersive games, including some of the most popular and critically acclaimed titles in entertainment history.”

The featured game on the store is Sony Bend’s Days Gone, which will be out on May 18, while games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Helldivers, Predator: Hunting Grounds and more are showcased, too.

There are also a number of DLC, which is why the number shows as “41 games,” but the reality of it is that this is a combination of both DLC and games available. What’s interesting about this is that only 24 pieces a games and DLC are actually viewable, and while Days Gone may have some extra DLC of some sort to stack that number up, we doubt it’s an extra 17 pieces of content.

Perhaps this is a hint that there are more games to come, or possibly just a listing error? Who knows, but we are pretty confident that Sony plans on releasing more PlayStation exclusives over on PC in the near future.

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