Sony Teases “See The Future,” PlayStation 4 Announcement Next Month?

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Rumors of next-gen consoles have been appearing all over the internet these past few months, and while none of them are confirmed yet we believe that it’s safe to say that the next-gen Playstation and Xbox are right around the corner, and perhaps literally.

Today, Sony released a teaser trailer on their blog site with no other details whatsoever other than the heading title “See the Future.” Normally, if it was a game tease, it would have some form of text or at least a hint of the title. However, this seems to indicate that Sony is prepping up for a major announcement set to happen February 20th.

Micahel Patcher, a gaming Analysis, has confirmed that media outlets and investors will be at this meeting.

Also, if you remember the last time Sony had a PlayStaion meeting back in 2011, they announced the NGP, which is now known as the PS Vita.

What do you think?