Pre-Alpha Footage of Titanfall Shows The Game as a Work-In-Progress

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Curious to see what Respawn Entertainment’s triple-A Xbox and PC shooter, Titanfall, looked like early in development, as concepts for the game were just beginning to solidify?

Above is a clip from a GPMM demo of Titanfall that the team at Respawn had put together to show publisher Electronic Arts earlier in development. Though a work-in-progress, it highlights the sort of scale the studio was aiming to achieve and overall gameplay elements they hoped to incorporate into the game.

In “The Final Hours of Titanfall”, author Geoff Keighley writes that the full-version of the final demo was used to pitch Titanfall’s core ideas of Titans, Pilots, wall-running, computer-controlled AI, and large-scale battles to EA. “While some EA executives complained that the game’s graphics weren’t looking as beautiful as the company’s forthcoming shooter Battlefield 4, there was no denying that the demo looked fast, fun and fluid” writes Keighley.

Watch the video above and let us know what you think in the comments below.

For a preview of “The Final Hours of Titanfall”, you can follow this link. The app offers an extensive look at the making of Titanfall and a number of behind-the-scenes elements. You can get it for $1.99 on iPad, PC, Mac, and Surface right here.

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