Pre-Load Destiny September 4 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3

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Can’t wait to play Destiny and want to get your sweaty little gamer hands on it the moment it launches September 9?

Good news for PlayStation owners: you can now pre-ordered the digital version of Bungie’s upcoming shared-world shooter through the PlayStation Network. In addition, pre-loading will be available starting September 4 on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, according to the game’s page. That mean’s you’ll be able to start playing Destiny the moment it unlocks at 12:00 am PST on September 9.

Naturally, pre-orderers will get access to Destiny’s beta this July.

You can pre-order Destiny through the PSN on the PS4 here, or the PS3 here.

Interestingly, Destiny’s PS4 page lists its resolution output as 1080p, while the PS3 page lists it at 720p. It’s not clear if those will indeed be the final numbers, as it might be placeholder for the time being.

Meanwhile, have you thought about your character build yet? What’s it going to be? Titan, Warlock, or Hunter?