Alpha Predator Is Coming to Predator Hunting Grounds

Illfonic has announced that the Alpha Predator, an original NECA figure design, will be making its way into Predator Hunting Grounds!

This news comes from an official Instagram accounts of both NECA and Illfonic.

In collaboration with 20th Century Studios, and game developer IllFonic, the National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA) today announced the Alpha Predator, an original design by the toy company, as a playable class in Predator: Hunting Grounds for the PS4™ system. The initial run of the Alpha Predator action figure in the US will see a limited release, with each box including a downloadable content (DLC) code. Players on the PS4™ system can redeem the code online to unlock the Alpha Predator in-game.

Beginning with 2010’s Predators movie, NECA has rapidly expanded its toy line to include a variety of characters seen in the Predator universe (films, comics, video games, etc.). Ten years later, NECA is celebrating Predator as one of its most successful licenses by fully realizing their own original design that pays homage to the franchise’s early days. Complete with a backstory to fit in with the lore, the Alpha Predator commemorates the 100th action figure release in the toy manufacturer’s Predator line. “We have been working closely with the great team at IllFonic. When the opportunity presented itself to allow for the inclusion of Alpha Predator into the game we jumped at the chance. It’s so gratifying to see our original action figure design come to life as a playable character in the game. The whole NECA studio was elated to see the character model and we cannot wait to play as Alpha this Summer” said Randy Falk, NECA Director of Product Development.

As the post explains, the only way for players to get their hands on the Alpha Predator is by purchasing the NECA figure. No details on whether this skin would be available down the line to other users, though hopefully, that becomes the case as the figure alone costs a hefty $60. Additionally, one of the winners from a recent giveaway hosted by Illfonic was granted an early code for the Alpha Predator, giving us our first look at how the skin looks in-game.

Pretty neat! As mentioned, we aren’t sure if this skin will become available for everyone or if it really is an exclusive for the NECA line, though perhaps we will see later this month or next as the next wave of content (free and paid) from the roadmap will be revealed very soon. We’ll be sure to update you all when that happens, so stay tuned!

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