PS All-Stars: Kat And Emmett Available For Free February 12th

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Well, we have been waiting and Superbot has finally revealed it. Starting on February 12th, you’ll be able to get both Starhawk’s Emmett Grave and Gravity Rush’s Kat for absolutely free the first two weeks of their launch. Additionally a new stage will also be available for free and for purchase (more details below).

Fearless, a mash-up of Heavenly Sword and Wipeout, will be a brand-new map that will be available both for free and for purchase. Those who don’t purchase it will only be allowed to play the map in ranked online games, while those who do will be able to enjoy it in non-ranked and offline matches. Remember that the two character DLCs will only be available for free after they have launched.

The next set of DLC is set to be revealed some time in March.

So, out of he two free characters, which one looks more exciting?