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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Ultimate Update Released, Patch Notes News 1

News 1 Promised last year, Santa Monica has finally released the “Ultimate” balance patch for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, and it’s a huge one. “Over the past months we’ve read every word, clicked every thread, assessed the game balance inside out, to ensure as best as possible, this balance update would not only bring a superior new challenge […]

Santa Monica Details The Future of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale News 3

News 3 While no plans for any future character or stage DLC has already been confirmed, Sony Santa Monica, the team now in charge of PS All-Stars revealed today their plans to continue supporting the title. In the lengthy forum post, Santa Monica reiterated that no future character or stages DLC were being worked on, however a balancing […]

PS All-Stars: Kat And Emmett Available For Free February 12th News 0

News 0 Well, we have been waiting and Superbot has finally revealed it. Starting on February 12th, you’ll be able to get both Starhawk’s Emmett Grave and Gravity Rush’s Kat for absolutely free the first two weeks of their launch. Additionally a new stage will also be available for free and for purchase (more details below). Fearless, a […]

PS All-Stars DLC Characters Kat and Emmett Detailed News 1

News 1 Its been a while since we last heard of the free DLC coming to PS All-Star, but Superbot Developer Daniel “Clockw0rk” Maniago, AKA Strider_Doom, has revealed some interesting notes on both Kat and Emmett. KAT Mainly a rushdown character, specializes in mobility. She probably has the best mobility of all the cast due to the different […]

PS All-Star Patch 1.02 Adds New Item, Fixes Network Issues and More News 1

News 1 Nearly two weeks have gone by since the release of Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale and SuperBot Entertainment is already gearing up to release the first true patch for the title. Collecting feedback from the community, this patch will address just of the few network issues that players have been experiencing along with adding some new […]