PS Plus Free Games March 2019: Modern Warfare Remastered, The Witness

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Shooter fans, you’re in for a treat! Coming hot this coming month is one of the best online first-person shooters of all time! Sony has announced the PlayStation Plus free games for March, and it includes Modern Warfare Remastered!

The complete PS Plus free games March 2019 list is below, and can be downloaded on March 5, 2019.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

Activision’s colossal Call of Duty series is truly part of the fabric of modern gaming, and it was in 2007 that developer Infinity Ward took the console world by storm with its contemporary spin on the popular action series it helped create. 2016’s Modern Warfare Remastered brought the classic back in full HD for a new generation of gamers, while respectfully retaining its first-class gunplay and brilliant level design.

Download it with PS Plus this month to relive a true FPS classic (in glorious dynamic 4K on PS4 Pro when played on a PS4 Pro system and a 4K display).

The Witness

From the developer of the charming puzzle-platformer Braid back in 2008, creator Jonathan Blow promptly returned to the drawing board and spent the next eight years working on an ambitious follow-up.

The result was 2016’s The Witness — an enigmatic first-person puzzler set on a seemingly-deserted tropical island, dotted from one end to the other with a vast network of interconnected puzzles.

Boasting spellbinding narrative twists and an unbeatable sense of satisfaction in conquering each puzzle, The Witness is a benchmark in design and environmental storytelling. Download The Witness on PS Plus this month for a slow-burning test of the old grey matter.

Also of note, if you still game using your PS3 and PS Vita, you have until March 8, 2019 to download the following games:

In case you didn’t know, PS3 and PS Vita games will no longer be part of each month’s PS Plus freebies list, so download these while you can.

Don’t forget to check out Sony’s PlayStation Store sale for the week, with the complete list included in this post.

Are you excited to play Modern Warfare Remastered? What memories do you have regarding it?

Source: PlayStation Blog