PS Plus Price Increase in Europe and Japan Causes Ire Among Gamers

ps plus december 2019 free games

Sony seems to be increasing the price of the PlayStation Plus service in Europe and Japan. According to this image found on reddit, users from Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, and Taiwan suffered from a price increase. Not only that, but users from Germany, Switzerland, France, and Sweden also received emails detailing the price increase. Unfortunately, Japan is also a victim of the PS plus price increase.

The PS Plus price increase varies depending on the region. The yearly subscription in Sweden saw a 7.8% increase to its price (from 575.00 to 600.00kr). Meanwhile, Switzerland saw a 15%+ increase on the PS Plus yearly subscription (from 59.90 to 69.90 CHF). This has been the cause of ire between some gamers from European regions.

The 3-month and 1-month subscriptions also saw a price increase as well. In Sweden, the price of the monthly subscription increased by 26.6% (from 75.00 to 95.00kr). Meanwhile, the 3-month subscription saw an increase of 10.6% (from 235.00 to 260.00kr). In Switzerland, the 3-month subscription increased by 12% (from 24.90 to 27.90 CHF).

Fortunately, there seems to be a silver lining. The PS Plus price increase seems to only affect users in specified European regions. Not only that, but in some regions, such as Japan, the price increase only applies to the one month subscription option. Previously, it was actually cheaper to purchase multiple one month subscriptions rather than the yearly subscription.

PS Plus users are definitely not happy about the increase on the subscription price. The subscription service only offers two PlayStation 4 games a month. This is rather lackluster compared to before when the service included PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita games as part of the subscription benefits. PS3 and PSVita free game offerings ended on March 8, 2019. Some users have expressed their anger at the PlayStation Profiles forums.

Things don’t fare any better for Sony on Reddit either:

PS Plus Price increase

The price increase for PS Plus will come into effect starting August 1, 2019. Unfortunately, it seems like a lot of users aren’t enticed to purchase the PS Plus subscription because of this measure. Unfortunately for Sony, the diminishing value of the service has been called into question. The price increase will definitely not do Sony any favors.

Currently, PS Plus will offer Sonic Mania and Borderlands: The Handsome Collection in June. Meanwhile, May offered Overcooked! and What Remains of Edith Finch.

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LordCancer Kain
LordCancer Kain
3 years ago

Not only that the free games are complete garbage. Summer of sh itz.

Ule || TSR
Ule || TSR
Reply to  LordCancer Kain
3 years ago

I wouldn’t argue that with Borderlands and Sonic Mania but…

Yeah. I agree.

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