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Capcom Confirms “Numerous Games” Are in Development With RE Engine News 0

News 0 It’s no secret that Capcom has been in some sort of renaissance after the success of many of their games. Their new proprietary engine RE Engine definitely has been a key factor on the success of their games. Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil 2, and Devil May Cry 5 are amazing games built with the […]

Sony Microsoft Partnership Took PlayStation Team by Surprise News 0

News 0 Sony and Microsoft threw the world of gaming into a completely new level. This happened after the announcement of a partnership deal that will see both companies improving player experience with Microsoft’s Azure technology. However, it seems like one of the parties that was surprised by the announcement was PlayStation themselves. That’s right, according to […]

SEGA Wishes to Make More Online Games for Western Gamers News 0

News 0 Not too long ago, SEGA released a Q&A for investors. This document talks about various topics and points of interest for the company. Of course, one of the most important aspects of this document is SEGA’s desire to make more online games for players outside of Japan. Additionally, SEGA is interested in releasing an MMORPG […]

Team Sonic Racing Launch Trailer Races Out News 0

News 0 We’re only a few days away from the launch of Team Sonic Racing! This project by Sumo Digital and SEGA has made a ton of people excited for the release. As such, SEGA decided to rekindle the hype flames once more with a new trailer for the game. SEGA released a new Team Sonic Racing […]

COD Mobile Info Revealed: Maps, HUD, Weapons, Loadouts, and More News 0

News 0 Call of Duty Mobile has been a highly anticipated mobile game release. Now that the first regional beta tests are around the corner; Activision has revealed some more COD Mobile info. The free-to-play mobile game will bring multiple features from other COD games such as Black Ops and Modern Warfare. As of now, Activision decided […]

Sony Microsoft Partnership Deal Looks to Improve Cloud Gaming News 0

News 0 Sony is still surprising gamers with very unlikely partnerships as of late. In case you didn’t know, the company responsible for the PlayStation signed a deal with Immersion. The deal included Haptic Feedback for VR and gaming controllers. Now, another unlikely deal has risen as a Sony Microsoft partnership has started to make its rounds. […]

Dota Underlords Trademark Filed by Valve News 0

News 0 Valve has been very quiet when it came to new game releases or announcements as of late. However, it seems like that is going to change now with their latest trademark. In case you didn’t know, Valve has just trademarked “Dota Underlords.” Unfortunately, there really isn’t that much information that can be taken besides this […]

Fortnite John Wick Event “Wick Bounty” Now Available News 0

News 0 The Fortnite John Wick cross over has been rumored to happen for quite some time now. In fact, we covered the latest data leak about it yesterday. However, it seems like Epic Games couldn’t wait any longer to make the collaboration announcement. As such, the Wick Bounty Event is now available for players as a […]

Fortnite John Wick Event Details Leaked by Dataminers News 0

News 0 Fortnite’s collaborations are becoming quite common. However, one of the most anticipated collaborations is the widely rumored John Wick cross over. Thanks to some dataminers, this Fortnite John Wick event might actually be coming sooner than anybody expected. In fact, the event might be coming to us in a matter of days. The Fortnite v9.01 […]

Sony Signs Deal With Immersion for Haptic Feedback for VR and Gaming Controllers News 0

News 0 As some gamers might recall, Immersion and Sony haven’t had the best of relationships. Back in 2002, Immersion sued Sony and Microsoft for patent infringement over vibration functions in game controllers. The lawsuit was settled back in 2007, with Sony paying $97 Million USD in damages. However, it seems like the companies have left their […]

Fortnite World Cup Cheaters Caught Colluding During Solo Qualifiers News 0

News 0 Fortnite’s competitive scene offers extremely appealing prizes for the best players. Unfortunately, some players will not hesitate to use prohibited methods to achieve victory for this very reason. While action has been taken against cheaters in competitive play, it doesn’t seem to be quite enough to prevent cheating in higher levels of play as of […]

Apex Legends Upcoming Changes Will Crack Down on Piggy-Back Players News 0

News 0 Respawn Entertainment has been constantly commended for their commitment to improve the overall game experience. To prove this point, the developer has recently announced some quality of life improvements for their current game. The Apex Legends upcoming changes will actually focus on players who do not bother to help their team at all. On the […]

Gears 5 Release Date and Cover Art Have Been Possibly Leaked News 0

News 0 It’s no secret that Gears 5 has been hyped up as one of the most anticipated game projects to date. It’s not surprising to have many fans tirelessly seeking any and all kinds of updates and information regarding the game. Unfortunately, no details about Gears 5 release date or anything of the sort will be […]

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Spring Update Details Revealed News 0

News 0 Get ready for the clash between titans! The BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Spring Update brings recently announced characters to the roster. According to Arc System Works, the update will be released on May 21, 2019 and will bring the new DLC characters pack. However, players who own the ‘Deluxe Edition’ of the game will be […]

Code Vein Gameplay Revealed by Bandai Namco, Showcases Combos, Customization and More News 0

News 0 A lot of players are excited to try out Code Vein once it releases at some point during 2019. The complex game mechanics and appealing visual design – alongside being a “Dark Souls meets God Eater” game – are the main reason behind the game’s following. More importantly, Code Vein gameplay has been revealed by […]


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