Monster Hunter World Iceborne Weapons Shown Off in New Videos

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Monster Hunter World Iceborne will be the first massive expansion for the critically acclaimed game. The expansion will bring a huge variety of content to the game including a new map, items, and missions. However, the game will also receive multiple additions to the combat mechanics and weaponry.

Capcom has released new weapon trailers for Monster Hunter World Iceborne. The trailers showcase the functionality of the Clutch Claw, Great Sword, and Long Sword weapons. Particularly, the Clutch Claw itself is a new feature for the Slinger that allows players to fire a claw to grapple onto monsters.

Some players may also notice the fact that it is now possible to shoot the Slinger while using any other weapon. This is one of the new additions to combat mechanics which will come for Monster Hunter World Iceborne. Not only that, but the Slinger will also allow players to use combat tactics in conjunction with weapons like the Long Sword.

For those who haven’t experienced Monster Hunter World as of yet. Capcom is preparing the launch of Monster Hunter World Iceborne Master Edition. This edition of the game will bring access to the base game and its expansion for $59.99 USD. Alternatively, players can acquire this expansion pack for $39.99 USD as a standalone DLC.

Monster Hunter World is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The Iceborne expansion pack will be released on September 6, 2019.

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