Monster Hunter World Iceborne Release Date Announced, Here’s Everything New That’s Coming

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If you’re one of the millions entranced by Monster Hunter World, you’re no doubt looking forward to new monsters to slay, new items to collect, and new armor pieces to craft. Today, Capcom has announced the Monster Hunter World Iceborne release date, and it’s due on September 6 for the PS4 and Xbox One and will cost $39.99! PC will get it sometime this winter.

Before we dive in any further, check out the gameplay reveal trailer first to see what kind of new monsters we’ll be facing.

If you’re wondering why the price is this high for an expansion, it’s because Iceborne is more than that. There’s a new story, new monsters, gameplay additions and more.

New Story

The story of Iceborne starts after the conclusion of the events tied to the end of World with the Elder Crossing phenomena, as the Research Commission begins to notice very unusual Legiana behavior in the New World. This new mystery is the catalyst for a whole new story chapter that leads us to a brand new locale, and the discovery that the legendary Velkhana is way more than just a myth…

Aside from a new story, Hunters will also gain access to a new Hunter Rank called “Master Rank.”

New Rank: Master Rank

A new rank named “Master Rank” will be added

above the existing low and high ranks. New materials

and formidable monsters are available in this rank.

Hunters will be trekking the Hoarfrost Reach, which is a new area in the New World. According to Capcom, Iceborne will offer the “largest region” in Monster Hunter World so far. Players should expect new monsters to be back as well, and even a couple of new gameplay features.

#1. The Slinger can now be used while your weapon is drawn! This will open up a variety of opportunities for dealing with monsters, setting up new powerful combo attacks, getting out of harm’s way, etc.

#2. Clutch Claw: a versatile tool that lets you grapple onto monsters at a moment’s notice. From there you’ll also be able to unleash devastating attacks or even directly guide the monster momentarily.

Here’s a peek at the new gameplay moves in action:

Capcom has also mentioned how new moves for every weapon type has been added as well.

Lastly, if you want to play the Iceborne expansion, you MUST have completed the main monster Hunter World story up to Hunter Rank 17. If you haven’t bought Monster Hunter World yet, Capcom has a bundle for new players. Of course, those who own it already can get the expansion separately.

If you do not own Monster Hunter: World, you can get…

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition for $59.99, a physical version for PS4 and Xbox One that contains both World and the Iceborne expansion. Pre-order links will be live at various retailers very soon!

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition Deluxe for $79.99 in North America only, a physical version for PS4 and Xbox One that comes in a premium Steelbook depicting an epic clash between our new main monster Velkhana, and the big bad of World, Nergigante. This limited edition contains World, the Iceborne expansion and the Iceborne Deluxe Kit, which contains a bundle of cosmetic DLC items. Pre-order pages will be live at select retailers shortly!

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition and Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition Deluxe will also be available for purchase digitally at launch on PS4 and Xbox One.

However, if you already own Monster Hunter: World…

…you can simply add Iceborne digitally for $39.99 on your console platform of choice.

There is also a Digital Deluxe version of Iceborne for $49.99, which includes the expansion and a bundle of cosmetic DLC items.

Those in the US, GameStop and EB Games will be offering a special steelbook edition. Note that this edition comes with only an insert for download codes for the Iceborne expansion and DLC items for PS4. Think of this as those who want their games represented physically and want the convenience of the game readily accessible anytime digitall.

That’s a ton of Monster Hunter World info to take in just for one day! Are you going back to the New World with Iceborne? What do you hope to see that hasn’t been announced yet?

Source: Capcom Unity

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