PS4 Jailbreak 7.50 Released, Here’s What You Can Expect

New PS4 Firmwa Update

Seems that the PlayStation hacking scene has made some major strides, as the PS4 Jailbreak 7.50 exploit (up to 7.55) has been released, opening a new batch of possibilities.

News broke out last night about the PS4 7.50 jailbreak as scene hacker Sleirsgoevy published his release. The release is based on the disclosed information from TheFlow submitted to Sony via HackerOne program

While released, much like the last recent PS4 6.72 Jailbreak, don’t expect to see a whole lot of success or stability.

Expect to see plenty of tools and exploit hosts to be updated in the coming days to support the new jailbroken firmware. In the meantime, read up below on some of the things possible with a jailbroken PS4. 

What Does PS4 7.50 Jailbreak mean?

Note, we do not promote piracy nor recommend it. While the hacking scene is heavily guided by users wanting to pirate titles, we will not be providing any method of it here. We always suggest you buy your own copy and back it up yourself, which is completely legal. Please support your game developers as they have poured and immense amount of hard work into creating a video game You wouldn’t like people stealing from you so why should you do it to others?

Instead we will focus on some of the cool effects we have seen coming from jailbroken PS4 consoles. For example, recently Lance McDonald, aka manfightdragon released a unofficial Bloodborne patch that enabled 60fps on PS4 and PS4 Pro. A long requested feature from the fans that Sony and From Software have yet to officially release. While yes, it is only for a limited amount of users, it does at least tell us that it is very much possible to achieve. Please, seeing the game in it’s 60fps glory is certainly exciting. Have a watch of it down below!

Lance isn’t the only user to dabble in game improvements either, as a dedicated modder who goes by the name of illusion0001 also manage to create a custom patch to fix an old crash bug in The Last of Us

And of course, last but not least a Jailbroken PS4 also allows users to create some really cool custom mods. Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 has seen some custom costumes, including a venom suit and even Miles Morales Spider-Man suit!

There’s a God of War Mod that allows users to freely explore levels, with a hidden Easter egg even being discovered with this method.

For the more complex side of things, newer jailbroken revisions also allow researchers to better understand the PS4. Emulators for example can be improved upon, helping to keep retro gaming preserved. 

Linux is also functional should a user choose to install it on their PS4.

With PS4 7.50 Jailbreak now out in the wild, expect to see some really cool mods appear for say The last of Us Part 2 and Ghost of Tsushima. We’ll be sure to cover them here when someone posts them

Creidt Source: Wololo

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