PS Store Search UI Will Be Updated in Firmware 6.0

ps4 ps store search change

For those who find the current PlayStation Store search interface a tad too cumbersome and not intuitive enough, it seems Sony has heard our plea is making a PS Store Search UI fix! Or at least, a big overhaul to make it more user-friendly.

Over on video game forum ResetEra, user Kyoufu mentioned how the beta version of firmware 6.0 was updated to “beta 3,” and along with it, brought a big change to the PS Store Search UI. Check out the updated UI and how it shows the available matches to the search query.

Now, people can search for games per publisher or even per genre as well.

It’s definitely an improvement, no? Let’s hope Sony releases PS4 firmware 6.0 soon.

In other PlayStation news, GameStop is selling what it calls a “Collector’s Box” that has a bunch of cool PlayStation merchandise included.

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