PS4 Update 5.0 Leaked Patch Notes Revealed. Will Allow 1080p/60fps Twitch Streaming

If you’re the type of gamer who loves streaming your gameplay, then the upcoming PlayStation 4 firmware update will be right up your alley. Those looking to finally change their PSN usernames from xXxNoScopeMastahxXx to something a little less edgier? Well, keep on waiting.

Thanks to leaked patch notes from Eurogamer, we now know what to expect from Sony’s next big PS4 update. Those who have a PS4 Pro, you’ll be able to stream on Twitch at 1080p resolution and 60 frames-per-second! Other additions include:

  • Being able to follow anyone’s account (even those not verified)
  • You can now choose if you want “only friends” or anyone to follow you
  • You can now block users
  • More options for “sub” accounts
  • More options for family accounts (set parental control on a per-account basis)
  • New web app to manage family accounts and access parental controls from PC and smartphones
  • Notifications will be visible from the “quick menu;” no need to head t Home screen

There’s more stuff included in PS4 update 5.0, but that list above seems to be the major additions. Of course, we won’t know the entire features list until it’s finally out into the wild — and we also don’t know when exactly that’ll be.

Once the firmware update is officially out, we’ll be sure to let everyone know. 

Source: Eurogamer

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