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PS4 Update 7.00 Now Out, Here’s What It Does News 0

News 0 True to Sony’s word, PS4 update 7.00 is now out! Clocking in at 469MB, it adds new features and isn’t your usual stability update. PS4 update 7.00 patch notes: :: Release Notes Version 7.00Main features in the system software update The following changes have been made to(Party). The maximum number of people who can join […]

PS4 Firmware 7.00 Out This Week, and Here’s What’s in It News 0

News 0 Heads up, PlayStation 4 owners! PS4 firmware 7.00 is dropping this week according to Sony, and it will roll out new Party, and Remote Play features. For the Party feature update, here are the new features gamers can expect in PS4 firmware 7.00: Maximum number of Party users increased from 8 to 16 Network connectivity […]

PS4 Update 6.72 Released, Here’s What It Does News 2

News 2 Today, Sony rolled out PS4 update 6.72, and as one can expect with a firmware roll out without much fanfare, this one once again improves system performance, and that’s basically it. Clocking in at 995MB, you can download the firmware directly below. Main features in version 6.72 update This system software update improves system performance. […]

PS4 Update 6.71 Rolled Out, Has More of What People Expect (Download Link) News 3

News 3 Today, Sony has rolled out PS4 update 6.71, and given it’s an unannounced firmware update, people should expect it has system performance fixes and nothing else in terms of new content. PS4 update 6.71 is at 463MB, and you can download them via the links below. :: Release Notes Main features in version 6.71 update […]

PS4 Update 6.50 Is Out and Brings New Features News 0

News 0 If you turned on your PS4 just now, you’ll be greeted with PS4 update 6.50! Clocking in at just 460MB, the patch includes new features and not just stability tweaks. Main features in version 6.50 update You can now enjoy Remote Play on iOS devices. You can use(PS4 Remote Play) to connect to your PS4 […]

PS4 Update 6.20 Released by Sony News 0

News 0 Restart your PS4, ladies and gentlemen! Sony has rolled out PS4 update 6.20, and unfortunately, it doesn’t bring anything new to the table except the fine taste of stability fixes. At just 400MB, this PS4 update has this as the main feature: This system software update improves system performance. Yep, that’s it. Of course, if […]

Report: Users Reporting Issues After Installing PS4 6.02 Firmware Update News 4

News 4 While Sony released a new PS4 firmware update just now to most likely plug the hole that was made by the PS4 message glitch, it seems not everything is A-OK with this the PS4 6.02 update. Over on Reddit, multiple users have reported various issues with the update. Some have had their console crash, others […]

PS4 Update 6.02 Released by Sony, Improves System Performance News 0

News 0 To possibly no one’s surprise, Sony has rolled out a PS4 update 6.02 just now. While the patch notes only mention that it’s to improve system performance, it’s most likely tied in to the recent PS4 message glitch that was floating about, which Sony claims was fixed. You can download the 447MB file right here. […]

PS4 Update 6.00 Released, Here’s What’s in It News 0

News 0 Sony has rolled out the PS4 update 6.00 firmware today, and while it’s a milestone patch, it sadly, doesn’t do much in terms of adding new features. Clocking in at just 447MB, the PS4 update 6.00 firmware can be downloaded here. :: Release Notes Main features in version 6.00 update This system software update improves […]

PS4 Update 5.56 Update Rolls Out, and It’s More of What You’re Expecting News 0

News 0 Turn on your consoles, people! Sony has just rolled out PS4 update 5.56, and it’s live right now! Clocking in at just 438MB, the new firmware update doesn’t add anything visible up front, but more on for stability and such. Check out the full patch notes below, and yep, it’s a super short one — […]

Mysterious PS4 Update 5.53-01 Rolls Out News 0

News 0 Turn on your PlayStation 4 consoles, people! There’s a new PS4 system software update, and it’s a weird one. Weirdly named as PS4 update 5.53-01 (yes, not a typo), it’s just 69MB in size, and what’s more, my PS4 Pro didn’t even reboot when it was installed. Usually, a PS4 firmware update meant that after […]

PS4 Update 5.50 Now Out, Supersampling Mode and Parental Features Added, Full Patch Notes News 0

News 0 Turn on your PlayStation 4 consoles, people! Sony has rolled out PS4 update 5.50, and it’s full of new features! While we already talked about the best features from the update that we’re most looking forward to (which you can watch below), we now have the complete PS4 update 5.50 patch notes! Clocking in at […]

PS4 Update 5.03 Out Now, Brings More of What People Love News 12

News 12 Heads up, PlayStation 4 owners, a new PS4 update (5.03) is out now, and it’s a pretty small 374MB. As per usual with unannounced system software updates, it improves system stability and performance and not much else. Main features in version 5.03 update This system software update improves system performance. Players can down download the firmware […]

PS4 Update 5.01 Released and Is Exactly What You’d Expect News 0

News 0 Sony has released a new PS4 update for the company’s flagship console, and as one can expect from a unannounced PlayStation 4 firmware update, it’s main “additions” are stability fixes.  Bear in mind that you might need to manually prompt the PS4 update 5.01 since it doesn’t seem to be a mandatory download. The full […]

PS4 Update 5.00 Nobunaga Finally Out, Here’s the Full Features List News 2

News 2 After months of being in beta, Sony has finally released PS4 update 5.00 or also known as “Nobunaga.” Same with other versions of Sony’s PS4 updates, Nobunaga is jam packed with features!  Clocking in at a surprisingly small 370MB (download link), PS4 update 5.00 lets you add family members, set parental control settings, and a […]

PS4 Update 4.74 Out, Improves System Perforrmance News 2

News 2 Sony has rolled out a new PS4 update for the console’s firmware, and as one can expect from an unannounced console update, it’s mostly back-end and system stability tweaks.The main features in PS4 update 4.74 can be seen below as well as links to download it. Release Notes Main features in version 4.74 update This […]

PS4 Update 5.0 Leaked Patch Notes Revealed. Will Allow 1080p/60fps Twitch Streaming News 4

News 4 If you’re the type of gamer who loves streaming your gameplay, then the upcoming PlayStation 4 firmware update will be right up your alley. Those looking to finally change their PSN usernames from xXxNoScopeMastahxXx to something a little less edgier? Well, keep on waiting. Thanks to leaked patch notes from Eurogamer, we now know what […]