PS4 Update 9.60 Sneaks Out This May 12

PS4 Update 10.00

Sony has released the PS4 update 9.60 firmware patch today, and this seems to bring what people expect from an unannounced system patch, and that’s more stability! Read on for what’s new in the PS4 update May 12 patch notes below.

PS4 Update 9.60 Patch Notes | PS4 Firmware Update May 12 Patch Notes:

Size: 490MB

  • This system software update improves system performance.

As one might expect, that’s about it, and same as previous system updates, this one will surely include security updates on the backend that won’t be noticeable by the players. If there are other changes in this system patch, we’ll update the post accordingly once we spot any,

Aside from both the PS4 and PS5 getting system updates today, the PS Vita and even the PS3 got one recently, too! Read up on what that one houses (not for stability) in the links below.

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