PS4 Update 8.01 Rolled Out, Causing Issues for Some Gamers

PS4 Update 10.00

Sony has released PS4 update 8.01 just now and it’s a small download at just 470MB. This seems to be a mandatory download, as gamers have reported that it won’t let them connect online without downloading the update.

PS4 Update 8.01 Patch Notes:

According to the console itself the update includes:

Main features in version 8.01 update

  • This system software update improves system peformance.

That’s basically it. Given the PS5 is out, and will soon be released worldwide, I wouldn’t expect any major additions to the PS4’s system features.

Unfortunately, multiple gamers have reported on the PS4 subreddit that this latest firmware update has caused issues for them. Some have cited that their console won’t turn on after the update, and some have reported that the system patch won’t even install!

For me personally, I’ve downloaded and installed the new update without any issues — at least so far.

We’re keeping a close eye out and monitoring the situation and will update the post if new developments arise.

For those who downloaded it, is it working normally for you or has this new PS4 firmware update caused problems for your console? Let us know down below in the comments.

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30 thoughts on “PS4 Update 8.01 Rolled Out, Causing Issues for Some Gamers

  1. Literally just installed it and it’s not completing with error code (SU-37559-9) – after restarting the install it’s fine now

  2. the update is bs it just made my ps4 pro not work. it can turn on yes i see it on the screen working good, but! the t.v turns black and my system has a dark blue light glowing on and off, dame sony! now im switching to xbox Fuck! PlayStation! stupid system update 8.01

  3. I just installed the new update, now its stuck in the “update loop” I’m frustrated with this, now reconsidering getting the PS 5 if this is not rectified immediately. Its like the 7.50 update that broke the PS 4, I’ll try the USB option hopefully that works. Very unimpressed.

    1. Have this same problem… tried restarting, resetting to default settings, restore data base, and updating. However, no luck. I’m stuck in the loop so I just unplugged it all and hopefully today it works

  4. Ths new update totally glitched my ps4. It wouldn’t restart and when i turned it on it said there was an error twice. I think i may have finally gotten it work. Fingers crossed.

  5. This update seemed to mess up my headset. Ever since I downloaded it, my headset does this really loud screeching noise out of nowhere. Which pisses me off because they are astros and they were working perfect right up until after I did the playstation update

  6. After installing 8.01, the download failed, the playstation went into an error state, usb devices are no longer recognized and i have to reinstall ps4 firmware to get it running again.

  7. Installed it.. Crashed my ps4 slim.. Redownloaded the update via safe mode now my console is super laggy on everything.. Call me crazy but this is they’re way of forcing us to buy the next Gen

  8. I’m stuck in a loop. It downloads & installs but my PS4 slim doesn’t restart like its supposed to. I turn it back on and get an error. I go into safe mode to try and reinstall it & I’m back where I started.

  9. I’m switching back to xbox! This update fucked up my ps4 it wnt start up half the time then the other half it will jus freeze in the middle of a game. And wnt let me do shit! Sony is the new apple crashing shit so you will buy the next gen console! Well I’m not buyin it back to Microsoft I go!!

  10. This update is making my ps4 pro run hotter. It is also causing the ps4 to turn off when starting games, it will load the title screen for a few seconds then turn off multiple times until the game loads properly.

  11. My update completely broke my system my controllers stay on for as long as I push the buttons the second I stop they disconnect, there’s an issue where my apps lag when watching HBO and Disney the stuff I’m watching fast forwards as if I’m skipping ahead same goes for controller input there’s a huge lag where if I push any direction once it’ll get stuck for multiple presses, my buttons don’t stick but the command does this sucks ass

  12. Its also making my system run hotter playing shadow of mordor completely overheats my system and I have to hard reset.

  13. My PS4 is completely shot now because of this damn system update. It was working completely fine as of 4 days ago. I turned it off at noon time, came back 3’hours later after putting it in rest mode and I haven’t been able to use it since. I went as far as reinitializing it. I was finally able to get back in, re download madden. But my PS4 was running incredibly slow, and kept freezing for like 5 seconds at a time until it finally crashed again and now I can’t do anything. It just says cannot start PS4 connect controller. I did that. I downloaded the System Update again in safe mode using my internet( PS4 is connected to my modem via Ethernet). It said it was successful, but after the restart all i get is the PlayStation Logo and then a blank screen. This PS4 slim is 6 months old. Bought it brand new and it has 1TB of storage. This is absolutely ridiculous. And try getting in touch with anyone at PlayStation over the phone. Absolute joke. Not just going to sit here and continue to give this company money unless they do what’s right and either give me a new PlayStation or fix mine quick fast and in a hurry. Real suspect that all of this is happening right as the PS5 comes out. It’s like Apple with the IPhones, soon as they come out with a new one miraculously all of the older models start running like trash and forces people to go out and buy the new one.

  14. after install it, my blue light start blinking and then i factory rest my ps4 slim, before update it was wrong really good now many games are crashing. In addition, when i go in notification its shows me “msg_notification” and you cant go back , to go back in main menu you have to press ps button, i reset my ps 3times but same issue. i did rebuild, reset everything but nothing fixed

    1. I am experiencing the same problems as you are and now I can’t get the ps4 to turn on at all.

  15. After I installed it and it wants me to reinstall it daily.. it corrupted my THPS 1-2 and pictures etc. Now I get an error code every hour or so and I have to shut the whole game down and it didn’t do this until that update came out and I just got new PlayStation 2-3months ago.

  16. Ill start out by saying any manufacture that produces buggy code wont be anything I will purchase in the future. If sony thinks they can push a software update down everyones throat for PS4’s (in this case 8.01) and corrupt their PS4’s I wont ever purchase a sony PSxxx system again!!! My daughters PS4 slim was running fine until this patch was pushed, now the system is so buggy it wont even run. Steps I have taken: I re-initialized the PS4 more then once, reinstalled the software on 2 separate hard drives from scratch, went back to playstation plus library to download and games will start downloading, i was able to download 1 game and it wouldn’t even launch do to laggy unresponsiveness. Ultimately the PS4 is now not useable. SONY I WILL SAY IT ONE MORE TIME, FIX YOUR SOFTWARE for existing customers or you wont have any new customers!!!

  17. A few days after it was installed, our console stopped working and we got stuck in the safe mode loop! We are so pissed—especially since we’ve purchased ps4 games for Christmas presents for the kids and now we won’t even be able to play them! And how can we buy a new one with assurance the same update won’t mess up the new console?!

  18. We are having the same problem! Everything was working fine, then “bam” stuck in the update and safe-mode loop! We have purchased ps4 games for Christmas presents for the kids and now we can’t play them!! If we buy a new ps4 console how will we know the new one won’t be destroyed by the same update?!!! This is so stupid and playstation needs to fix this situation!

  19. PS4 damaged. It used to work fine. After update, It got random White led with hdmi signal fail.
    PS4 useless and It was the 8.01update for sure

  20. Sony please give us a solution. All my favorite games are crushing.
    I’ve re-updated version 8.01 couple of times now in safe mode, re-built the data base and nothing is making a difference.
    I opened my PS4 the other and did a thorough blow of dust and deep cleaning.
    If the update is causing this, we need a solution fast!

  21. Honestly Sony. Think about our monthly purchases.
    Is Sony doing this to increase PS5 purchases by intentionally crashing our “older models” of sony merchandise. In my opinion, I was damn happy with my 8 months old PS4 slim.
    Now it’s fucked!
    If this goes on, am damn sure switching to Xbox. And be warned Sony, you will lose your customer base.

    1. Our xbox one won’t let us play the disc games we have anymore saying we now need xbox live. So watch out for that

  22. My husband did the latest update and it killed his ps4. Blue light of death. Whoosh. Gone. Ironic after the ps5 came out. Like seriously.

  23. My PlayStation will turn on but it won’t let me turn my controller on so I can’t push ok or cancel

    1. I need help, I am experiencing he same problem, it will turn on and say the system update failed and when i go turn on my ps4 controller, it will ot turn on and I can not press ok

  24. As with many other gamers here I too am pretty upset with this last update. Game are no longer operating correctly and crash suddenly for no apparent reason! Was truly was going to buy a PS5 but I’m reconsidering that purchase now. Xbox is looking much better these days. When/if I do make this change I will be gone forever from Sony. Please listen to your customers Sony! Help us fix this!

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