PS4 Update 5.03 Out Now, Brings More of What People Love

PS4 Update 9.00

Heads up, PlayStation 4 owners, a new PS4 update (5.03) is out now, and it’s a pretty small 374MB. As per usual with unannounced system software updates, it improves system stability and performance and not much else.

Main features in version 5.03 update

  • This system software update improves system performance.

Players can down download the firmware manually to USB right here if they wish. Those who have auto-update turned on, should be downloading and applying it right now. The latest big system update was PS4 update 5.00 (Nobunaga) and was released just in October 2017. This means we’ll be getting the next major system software sometime next year. If Sony exec Shawn Layden’s hints come true, then that might bring with it, the ability for PSN IDs to be changed.

In other Sony-related news, Sony just wrapped up their annual PlayStation Experience event, and you can read our coverage of it right here. The big PSN holiday sale is also up, and it has a TON of games discounted.

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