PS4 8.00 Update Error Issues Reported With Error Code WS-44369-6

PS4 8.00 Update Error

With today’s big PS4 firmware update, mass reports of issues from gamers are coming in about PS4 8.00 update error issues such as annoying bugs and slow downs for users who have updated their consoles.

Outside of the complaints of the party changes Sony has made, a mass Reddit thread on r/PS4 is being flooded with reports of users experiencing error code WS-44369-6 with the friends list being inaccessible along with party chat issues. Some users have found a workaround is by starting them up via the playing now feed for each game, or by manually searching for friends. In same thread (and 8.00 thread) people have also reported significantly slower performance and crashing, with another thread having users report that the PS4 is now taking longer to reset and turn-off. 

It’s not unusual for a PS4 update (or any kind of device/software updates) to have some issues during release, though this appears to be effecting a large amount of users that is higher than the usual amounts. For those who have yet to update, as of now the 8.00 update is optional at this time, though if you want to play any game with multiplayer you won’t be able to do so until you update. Store functionality, logging into PSN still work however. Currently, Sony’s official AskPlayStation support account has not acknowledged any PS4 8.00 update error issues, but if we do hear back, we’ll update the post.

The PS4 8.00 introduces a number of party related changes, which judging from the Reddit most aren’t too happy with. And while it’s been known that Sony may record party chat, this update also introduces a disclaimer for it that users don’t seem all happy with either. We’ve yet to hear on anything official from the company, so for the meantime if you haven’t updated we suggest you wait until issues have been resolved. 

In other PlayStation news, a new PlayStation Store sale has been launched by Sony, which you can view here

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