PS5 Variable Refresh Rate Support Set to Be Released in “Coming Months”

PS5 Variable Refresh Rate Support

Following today’s big PS5 firmware update, Sony has announced that PS5 Variable Refresh Rate support is in the cards as well! According to Sony, players can expect this to be released on the PS5 in the “coming months.”

Here’s the official announcement by Sony regarding PS5 VRR support:

We’re also pleased to share that Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) is planned to release on PS5 in the coming months. On HDMI 2.1-compatible TVs and PC monitors, VRR dynamically syncs the refresh rate of the display to the PS5 console’s graphical output. This enhances visual performance for PS5 games by minimizing or eliminating visual artifacts, such as frame pacing issues and screen tearing. Gameplay in many PS5 titles feels smoother as scenes render instantly, graphics look crisper, and input lag is reduced. Previously released PS5 games can be fully optimized for VRR through a game patch and future games may include VRR support at launch.

As an added option, you can also choose to apply VRR to PS5 games that don’t support it. This feature may improve video quality for some games. If this results in any unexpected visual effects, you can turn off this option at any time. Both VRR and this secondary option can be turned on or off.

Don’t forget, this feature is also dependent on the TV you’re using to game, and the title you’re playing. More details such as the games that will support this feature will be revealed as we get closer to the release of PS5 VRR.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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