PSN Down and Services Are Experiencing Issues (Update)

PSN Down july 19

Update #2:

All services are back up and running according to the status page! Game on, people!

Update #1:

The AskPlayStation Twitter account has acknowledged the downtime!

Original Story:

Don’t look now, but it seems Sony’s PlayStation Network is experiencing issues again! PSN down and out reports are coming in from multiple users across the world.

People on on the PS4 subreddit are complaining that for now, they can’t sign in to PSN, or some of the downloaded games on PSN can’t be accessed. According to the PlayStation Network status page, “some services are experiencing issues” with Account Management, Gaming and Social, and more affected.

To date, the official AskPlayStation Twitter account hasn’t addressed the situation yet, but once they do, we’ll update the post. Once the servers are back up, we’ll update the post too.

Let’s hope this is some random hiccup from Sony, and nothing more nefarious. We’ll keep you updated on the situation. In the meantime, if PSN is down for you (or it’s working), let us know where you’re gaming from in the comments below.

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