PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds AFK Farming Targeted With Fix, Confirmed as Something Bluehole “Will Definitely Be Addressing”

As the real-world prices of rare PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds loot keep on rising, the more desperate players are becoming. We’ve already reported on the latest PUBG craze, which involves many players going AFK (away from keyboard) to grind out a currency called Battle Points. These Battle Points can then be used to purchase crates, which may contain a rare item. 

Well, it looks like AFK farmers’ days are numbered, as Bluehole’s producer confirmed in an interview with PC Gamer, that it’s something the development team “will definitely be addressing.”

As for how the team will fix PUBG AFK farming, well the producer suggested that how players earn Battle Points may change, or that AFK players may be prevented “as a whole.”

You can watch the full response here:

It’s going to interesting to see how Bluehole does end up solving the AFK problem, and how soon the fix comes to the game. 

What do you make of PUBG AFK farming?

In other PUBG news, a rare costume sold for $1,670. Nope, that wasn’t a typo!

Source: PC Gamer

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