PUBG Cheaters Are Getting Even Sneakier, Killcam Catches Them Red-Handed

PUBG cheaters are still trying to get away with exploiting the game. The latest cheat is a little sneakier than the auto-aiming, and infinite health-giving hacks of the past. Captured by Reddit user MagicIsBull, this new cheat allows players to instantly heal themselves, in addition to being able to instantly revive friendly players.

Take a look at the cheat below:

This exploit is harder for enemy players to detect, as a fast revive or heal would largely go unnoticed. Luckily, MagicIsBull was on the ball with this one.

Here’s hoping the developers are quick to enforce a fix, and punish players ruining the game for others.

Creative director Brendan Greene recently tweeted about how his team is working to clamp down on cheaters:

In other PUBG news, Xbox has said that sales for the console version are “very big,” netcode analysis shows that the game has a big problem, and the Battle Royale Trainer is here to help players improve.

Source: Reddit via US Gamer

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