PUBG Console Graphics Options Being Worked on by Devs; Tentatively Set for Mid-2022

pubg console graphics options

PUBG Corp. recently unveiled their 2022 roadmap, and though it brought up some exciting new stuff incoming this year, there is a lingering question within the community that wasn’t addressed: where are the PUBG console graphics options?

Fortunately, the PUBG devs took to Twitter to address this question, and it’s one that console players should be cautiously optimistic about. Here is their answer as per Twitter:

Many of you must be curious after the latest Dev Plan announcement. (Check the link if you haven’t seen it already) What the heck is going on with the console graphics options! The dev team is actively working on it.

In fact, the latest console update has changes that lay the foundation for the graphics options feature. But the dev team has to be careful. Otherwise, you might see the weird stability issues you’ve seen on consoles lately.

Anyways, console graphics options is something we’re working on very actively. It wasn’t possible to do it on one console platform (won’t name which) but recent platform-side breakthroughs gave us the means to provide this feature on both Xbox and PlayStation.

Console graphics options doesn’t have an ETA yet. It needs extensive testing. Hoping to see it mid-2022, but don’t hold me to this. Changing graphics stuff could lead to massive instability, so the plan could get scrapped. Hope that doesn’t become true. Fingers crossed!

There you have it. While not explicitly stated over in their updated roadmap, it would seem that the developers are still very much invested in enhancing the console experience for PUBG, although several issues have lead to its leading to more problems. Here’s hoping that it will keep on track, though, and deliver an awesome performance on new-gen consoles.

In case you missed it, a new patch for PUBG dropped today, and you can check out the full patch notes here.

Source: Twitter

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