PUBG Xbox Livestream: Watch Here and Find out What’s Next for PUBG on Console

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If you’re hungry for more PUBG Xbox One news, you’ll want to tune into today’s livestream. It’s not yet clear what Microsoft and Bluehole will be showing off, but we’re anticipating a release date.

We’ll likely also see more of what’s coming in update 1.0 and beyond, so PC fans, don’t go anywhere!

Find the livestream embedded below, set to start at 2:30 p.m. ET:

What are you hoping to see from the livestream today? Something more than just a release date? Let us know your PUBG wishlist below in the comments. 

I’m hoping we get a better look at the new map, as I’m getting a little tired of playing in the same environment. It’d be cool to see some new weapons, too. 

In other PUBG news, the game is going to run on Microsoft’s Azure platform instead of Amazon, there are no plans for a single-player component, the recent update was 2.1GB in size and included changes to the Blue Zone damage over time, and future patch notes and a Test Server schedule were detailed

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