PUBG Movie Isn’t Happening Right Now, but Amsterdam Office Expansion Is

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With Bluehole describing PUBG as a “universal media franchise,” fans began to speculate about an upcoming PUBG movie. Unfortunately, a PUBG movie does not seem to be in the works… At least, not yet!

Speaking with GamesIndustry, PUBG CEO Chang Han Kim clarified on what he meant by “universal media franchise,” and explained that, if a PUBG movie did happen, it would be “another form of entertainment for [PUBG] fans,” and not just a “tool to make more profit.”

“So the phrase ‘media franchise’ isn’t something I used myself. It was the [journalist], but I didn’t think it was completely wrong so I didn’t correct him. I was speaking about the long-term vision I had.”

“We don’t have any specific plans, but we’re thinking a lot about what that could look like … What we want to do is look at how this can be another form of entertainment for our fans; not as a tool to make more profit, but as something we can enjoy with our players and how we can do that through new media.”

Chang Han Kim also spoke about the team’s expansion into Amsterdam, while also hinting at other future expansions.

“Unexpectedly, we have seen global success and feel we have the responsibility to improve the game and sustain this at a global scale, so we are looking to expand our offices and we hope to do that in a few areas this year.” 

“Amsterdam is geographically advantageous, and that’s why we wanted to set up and office there first.”

So no PUBG movie, but big expansions into other countries. Sounds like a solid plan, for now!

Would you watch a PUBG movie? And how big do you think the PUBG team will grow to become? Let us know.

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Source: GamesIndustry