PUBG Grenade Guide: The Underhand Throw & Cooking Grenades

How to Cook Grenade on Xbox One

PUBG grenades are an incredibly useful tool for taking out enemies behind cover or inside buildings. They’re also fantastic for applying pressure on a camping enemy, forcing them to move. When you know how to use them, grenades are always worth picking up.

Unfortunately, PUBG grenades can be a little tricky to use, as there are multiple functions to master. There’s the normal overhand throw, the underhand throw, and then there’s ability to pull the pin and cook the grenade. This PUBG guide will teach you how to do it all, on both PC and Xbox One.

PUBG Grenade Guide: PUBG Underhand Grenade

How to Cook Grenade on Xbox One

When a target is nearby, consider the underhand throw, to quickly roll a grenade through a doorway or around a corner.

On PC, this is accomplished by equipping a grenade, and right-clicking. You’ll notice your character change their stance, ready for a shorter underhand throw.

On Xbox One, you’ll want to equip your grenade and push the LT button. This will switch between the overhand and underhand throws. Ensure you’re in the right position, and then toss the ‘nade.

PUBG Grenade Guide: How to Cook Grenade PUBG Xbox One

I’ll admit that I didn’t know you could cook PUBG grenades until about 100 hours into the game… Well, you can, and it often comes in extremely handy. Cooking grenades gives the enemy less time to react, increasing the likelihood of you getting a kill.

On Xbox, you pull the pin out by aiming your grenade and pressing LB. Five seconds later, the grenade will explode, so don’t cook it for too long!

PUBG Grenade Guide: How to Cook Grenade PUBG PC

Cooking grenades on PC can be equally effective, as they give the enemy less time to get away from the explosion, heightening the chance of you securing the kill. Cooking a grenade on PC is done with the “R” key. Aim your ‘nade, tap “R” and the pin will be pulled. Throw it before the 5-second timer runs out, unless you want to lose your arm (and the rest of your body)!

In other PUBG news, Reshade has been totally blocked despite the anti-cheat patch delay, over 1 million cheaters were banned in January 2018 alone, and a new PUBG Invitational has been announced.

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