PUBG Update Rolling Out to Test Servers, Vaulting Feature Delayed

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A new PUBG update is rolling out across the Test Servers. Unfortunately, it does not include the hotly-anticipated vaulting feature. While this new gameplay mechanic was expected last week, we’re still waiting for it to be added for testing.

The official PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Twitter account detailed the incoming patch and also mentioned the vaulting delay:

Sad news about the lack of vaulting, but I commend Bluehole for holding on until the game is suitably ready.

In other updates news, the Paladins open beta has received a patch which buffs Grohk while nerfing movement abilities, an F1 2017 update adds Xbox One X support and fixes frustrating bugs, and Halo Wars 2 now boasts Xbox One X enhancements of its own, while also supporting crossplay between PC and Xbox One

Source: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (Official Twitter)