F1 2017 Update Adds Xbox One X Support, Fixes Frustrating Bugs & More

A new F1 2017 update is rolling out to PS4, Xbox One and PC users. Patch 1.10 brings a number of improvements to the game, including Xbox One X support ahead of the system’s November 7 launch. 

Take a look at the patch notes below:

  • Added Xbox One X support. This includes 4K support, 60hz mirrors, upgraded car reflections, shadow filtering and texture filtering.
  • Safety Car – Fixed the falling too far back system so it will no longer give penalties incorrectly.
  • Safety Car – Lapped cars will no longer be able to overtake cars that have lapped them.
  • F1 2017 update 1.10 fixed a bug that meant players could be disqualified when someone behind them did a jump start and drove through them while ghosted.
  • Increased the terminal damage threshold from ~7m/s to 15m/s. (The terminal damage threshold is the speed below which you cannot terminally damage your car).
  • F1 2017 version 1.10 fixed a minor graphical issue on the Ray Ban sponsor on the Ferrari.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the delta to stop working during a virtual safety car period.
  • F1 2017 version 1.10 fixed a bug that could cause cars to become desynchronised during multiplayer sessions.
  • A red “disconnected” cross icon is now displayed next to the name of any player who has not sent network information recently to warn you that there is a connectivity issue.

That’s another game ready for Xbox One X! It’s also good to see some frustrating bugs get squashed with this update.

In other updates news, Halo Wars 2 now supports crossplay between PC and Xbox One players, a Madden 18 update prepares the game for Xbox One X while also tuning gameplay, and GT Sport has received a patch that includes ABS tuning and other car tweaks

Source: Codemasters (Official)

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