Raiden and Evil Cole Join PS All-Stars, Limited EU Public Beta Announced

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The PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale character roster continues to grow as two brand new combatants join the line-up and, finally, for those who have been waiting for the beta in Europe, Sony has revealed details on how you can get in.

Meet Evil Cole MacGrath

I know what your thinking, wasn’t Cole already announced? The answer is yes, however, for those familiar with the Infamous franchise, you’ll know that Evil Cole has his own unique look and powers. Check out his character video below.

Raiden Slashing His Way Out of Metal Gear And Into All-Star

The next character that has been announced (VIA Gamespot) is none other then the cyborg ninja from Metal Gear Solid (and Metal gear: Rising), Raiden. Equiped with his sword, Raiden will be a character that is heavily focused on using his close range sword slashes. Here’s 8 minutes of gameplay footage of Raiden.

Official character trailer

The Beta

Sony of Europe has announced that it will be having a limited Public Beta for EU players. This limited beta will let players play across both the PS3 and PS vita version of the game, which is currently unavailable in the current Beta (PS3 only). It will begin on Tuesday, the 11th of September and end on Tuesday, the 18th of September 2012. If you wish to sign up, visit the Beta Page and sign in with your European PSN account.  If chosen, you will receive a beta code when they begin sending them out in the coming weeks.

So what do you guys think about the two brand new characters? Is having a second Cole a wasted slot? Would you have preferred Snake over Raiden? Let us know in the comment section below.