Rainbow 6: Patriots – Ubisoft Toronto Has Completed Development on ‘MP Missions’

Rainbow 6: Patriots may still be a ways out with little to no news to go by these days, but today, we learn that at least a portion of the game is complete.

According to VG247, a multiplayer component of the title, in development at the Ubisoft Toronto studios, has been all wrapped up.

Studio head Jade Raymond told the site that the Toronto team has finished working on its portion of Rainbow 6: Patriots, which has been reported to be working on “MP missions” for the title while Ubisoft Montreal would handle the single player campaign.

We reckon that by “MP missions,” the source is referring to co-operative missions agains AI-controlled opponents. It would seem odd that a fully-featured competitive multiplayer portion of a shooter like R6P would be completed so soon, especially in an age when FPS games are weighed heavily by their multiplayer components. At least, we hope a ton of care and effort is being put into R6P’s competitive MP, and we know you do too.

The studio is said to have roughly 200 members working on the title.

It was last reported that R6P would likely be headed to next-generation consoles some time this year, along with PC, as the team hopes to “surprise the industry.”

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