Rainbow Six Extraction Director on Why There’s a Sudden Resurgence of PvE Shooters

Rainbow Six Extraction

With Rainbow Six Extraction set to be released later this month, it seems gamers now have a lot of games to choose from for their PvE (player vs. enemy) fix.

During our chat with the Rainbow Six Extraction dev team, we asked the studio why there seems to be a sudden resurgence when it come to PvE shooters, and here’s what Technical Director Bruno Lalonde had to say about it.

Q: Kind of an off-topic question here: we’ve recently seen a resurgence of sorts of PvE shooters such as Back 4 Blood, GTFO, Aliens Fireteam Elite, etc. Why do you think, in your opinion, is that the case?

BL: From my personal point of view, I will say that, PvP offers more intensity, and there are many players in the FPS genre that want a less intense experience, and also a more welcoming experience for new players. There’s also the safe environment, where they can experience co-op gameplay as opposed to a PvP game. In this game, players are also able to control the level of difficulty. Of course, less difficulty means less rewards, but it’s also a tool we give to the players to be able to control the level of intensity, something that you cannot really control in a PvP game.

Lalonde does have a point there. PvE games are a less stressful way of enjoying multiplayer games, and we’re glad it’s getting some much-needed love these days.

Stay tuned for our complete Rainbow Six Extraction interview hitting the site this week.

Rainbow Six Extraction is firing out this January 20, 2022 on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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