Rainbow Six Extraction Gameplay Videos (Raw Footage, No Commentary)

Rainbow Six Extraction Update 1.02

Ahead of its launch this January 20, we have some Rainbow Six Extraction gameplay videos to share with you folks straight from our hands-on session from last month! Check out the six individual videos below, each of a different mission and all set within New York City, one of the game’s locations.

Rainbow Six Extraction Gameplay Videos

We also have an impressions piece based on our own hands-on preview with the game, we wrote, “There is a decent selection of enemies you will encounter in Rainbow Six Extraction, each having their own weaknesses, and specific way of taking them out. Varying from having assassination as the only option to take it out or to having a fun explosive surprise. As well, there are random yellow spores laid out that if not dealt with by your friendly teammates they will explode on your operator and cause decent damage. Based on my hands-on, Rainbow Six Extraction is looking to be a solid experience for fans of R6 Siege, and PvE fans in general. If you’re looking for something new to play with buddies, this is one extraction you might want to consider being part of.”

If you want to see how Rainbow Six Extraction will look on PC running 4K DLSS tech via Nvidia, check out the trailer for CES 2022 here.

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