Rainbow Six Siege Clash Exploit Bounty Is a Unique Way to Test Fixes

rainbow six siege clash exploit

For multiplayer players, nothing can be more annoying than having to deal with players abusing a known exploit. Unfortunately though, that was something Rainbow Six Siege players had to deal with when going up against Clash, as there was a Rainbow Six Siege Clash exploit that was annoying the hell out of gamers.

For those curious, here’s a look at how it works:

While Ubisoft has already plugged that hole, Ubisoft Montreal ain’t done just yet. Just to make sure they’ve properly fixed it, they are doing a limited time event Rainbow Six Siege Clash exploit bounty! The studio is offering a bounty for new reports of exploits pertaining to Clash’s shield, and you’ll even get a reward!

  • Bug reported on R6fix.ubi.com

  • Clash shield related exploits only.

  • Bug must be new to R6Fix – No duplicates

  • Report need to have full step by step description AND video proof. No video = Disqualified

  • Bug needs to be Acknowledged (a manual step carried out by the dev team)

  • Only today’s TS update and newer will be valid – Videos need to contain a clearly visible version ID (they are watermarked by default when playing on the TS)

  • The hunt will be open until Tuesday, March 3rd

Here’s a look at the Frost Raptor Leg charm! If you already have it, Ubisoft says they have an “additional surprise” waiting.

Not a bad way to let players test the game for you, no?

In other Rainbow Six Siege news, Operation Void Edge is now live in the Test Servers, and here’s the patch notes for the changes made in it.

Source: Reddit

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