Rainbow Six Siege Season 3: Operation Grim Sky First Details Revealed

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In a press release, Ubisoft has sent out the first Rainbow Six Siege Season 3 info! Called “Operation Grim Sky,” the new season will feature two new Operators — one American Attacker, and one Defender from Great Britain.

Rainbow Six Siege Season 3 will also mark the first ever “Map Rework,” which is one of the dev team’s key commitments to “enrich” Siege gamers’ experience with the shooter this season.

HEREFORD BASE, an iconic map inspired by the training camp from the Tom Clancy novel and among the first maps introduced during the Rainbow Six Siege Beta back in 2015, was selected to benefit from a full rework in Operation Grim Sky. This rework will include a new visual identity, layout, and architecture. The map will still feel familiar to our players, but with the rework, Hereford Base may be considered a new map.

The full reveal for Rainbow Six Siege Year 3 Season 3 content will be made this August 17-19 during the Six Major Paris event, which is the largest Rainbow Six eSports competition in Europe.