Rainbow Six Siege Loot Boxes “Will Never” Affect Gameplay, Ubisoft Doesn’t Think They’re Being Greedy

rainbow six siege loot boxes

In case you didn’t know, Rainbow Six Siege will be introducing loot boxes into the game with the limited-time event, Outbreak. While most might not be thrilled with this news, Ubisoft maintains that only cosmetic items will be available in these Rainbow Six Siege loot boxes, and that it will “never” affect gameplay.

Rainbow Six Siege Director Alexandre Remy has spoken out about the microtransactions, and maintains that Ubisoft isn’t being greedy at all, and compares it to a “gift shop” after a rollercoaster ride.

I feel like the loot boxes act like the gift shop after the rollercoaster. “I am feeling very empathetic towards players upset with this, but at the same time I do not feel we are cheating anyone, i don’t think we are being greedy whatsoever.

In a separate interview, Remy comments that these loot boxes won’t ever affect gameplay, and that “they’re only skins.”

For the Outbreak packs, first it is never about gameplay. I have to say: They are only skins. (It) will never have something affecting gameplay…It will change nothing to the game

While Siege has had microtransactions before, it was for cosmetics-only items that can be bought by real-world money, or in-game currency. The Outbreak event and loot box implementation will start this March 6 and will run until April 3.

Are you OK with Ubisoft’s introduction of loot boxes in Siege? Or will this be the start of something more sinister if it works? Given the game isn’t due for a sequel anytime soon, Ubisoft does need something to keep the revenue flowing in; maybe this is the perfect win-win scenario for both camps?

Source: MCV, PCGamesN

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