Ubisoft Aiming for 100 Operators for Rainbow Six Siege

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While Ubisoft has just released Rainbow Six Siege’s Blood Orchid DLC that included three new characters, the studio (Ubisoft Montreal) isn’t stopping there. In an interview with PCGamer at gamescom, Brand Director Alexandre Remy mentioned that the studio is aiming for 100 Operators for Rainbow Six Siege.

Oh yeah, we are looking at developing the game with 100 Operators—I’ll let you do the math and work out how many years that does. There’s no reason for us to stop there. 

Doing the math, if there’s eight new Rainbow Six Siege Operators per year, that’ll take Ubisoft Montreal another eight years to hit that target. It’s an admirable goal by Remy, but chances are, we’ll be knee-deep in the Rainbow Six Siege sequel by then, no? Of course, there’s the chance that this could come true — and if so, Ubisoft Montreal might not an award if they manage to hit it.

Ubisoft has previously said that their minimum number of Rainbow Six Siege Operators count was at 50. 

Are you confident Ubisoft can hit that Operator number? Or should Ubisoft focus on game balance and other things aside from Operators?

Source: PCGamer via GameSpot