Rainbow Six Siege Player Count Reaches 50M, Making of Ember Rise Operators Detailed in Video

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Released way back in 2015, it seems Rainbow Six Siege is still going strong in its fourth year. Ubisoft announced that the Rainbow Six Siege player count has now reached 50 million players!

In other Rainbow Six Siege news, we get to see how Ubisoft developed the new Operators included in the Ember Rise expansion in this new video.

Find out how Goyo and Amaru evolved throughout their development process and how their gadgets had to be adjusted as to not set fellow defenders on fire in Goyo’s case. Some of the developers behind Ember Rise share their insights and knowledge about creating this season of Rainbow Six Siege.

While Ember Rise has yet to make it outside the PTS (Private Test Server), we do know a fair bit about them and the new stuff coming into the new season.

Once the patch is out for everyone, we’ll let our readers know. Are you still playing Rainbow Six Siege? How is it in its fourth year?