New Rainbow Six Siege Update Detailed, Changes Implemented Ahead of Blood Orchid DLC

Details of the latest Rainbow Six Siege update have been revealed. This is a particularly important patch because it precedes the Blood Orchid content drop.

Here are all of the gameplay patch notes:


  • Fixed – Pinging something through smoke will cause the ping effect to be placed in the smoke.
  • Fixed – Drone can sometimes bounce and fly outside of the map when thrown.
  • Fixed – The length of the replay camera is sometimes too short.
  • Fixed – Glass debris block shots.
  • Fixed – Some throwable objects are able to pass through electrified wire without taking damage.
  • Fixed – Players are sometimes unable to vault over other player’s deployable shields.
  • Fixed – Players that go prone while falling do not make any noise. This should help with drop-shotting through hatches.
  • Fixed – Players are unable to scan enemies with a friendly drone after theirs is destroyed during the Preparation phase.
  • Fixed – Players are able to clip through walls through the use of an exploit involving another players.
  • Fixed – Shield Operators can become invisible after performing multiple specific animations.
  • Fixed – Players will sometimes stop mid-air while vaulting.
  • Fixed – Shield Operator are interrupted by an enemy performing a melee attack at the same time as the Shield Operator performs a melee attack. (To clarify, the shield break animation will no longer be triggered when both players are performing melee attacks at the same time.)
  • Fixed – Recoil pattern for the USP40 handgun is incorrect.
  • Fixed – Defenders are able to utilize window sills to spawn kill.
  • Fixed – Tearing down a barricade from a window that has additional wooden parts will not destroy the window’s additional parts.
  • Fixed – Players that join a match in progress will see the primary weapon drawn on other players, regardless of what the other player currently has drawn.
  • Fixed – Fall damage is not taken if the player fires at the time of impact.
  • Fixed – Microwaves have unbreakable glass, blocking gadgets from being placed inside.
  • Fixed – Frame of a Black Mirror cannot be destroyed by X-KAIROS pellets if the glass has been ejected.
  • Fixed – Invisible gadget and broken animation is sometimes present for players joining a match in process while a teammate has any gadget ready to deploy in their hands.
  • Fixed – Walls that are melee hit and last attachment shot before wall is destroyed leaves wall’s collision still present.
  • Fixed – Enemies can be killed through walls with a melee attack.
  • Fixed – The camera position of a player rappelling and leaning is not in line with the character model, which can create cases where the player is not visible to someone he is shooting inside a building.
  • Fixed – Breaching charges can be seen clipping through barricades when standing on the other side.
  • Fixed – Breaching charge cannot be deployed on framed window if it was partially damaged.
  • Fixed – Flash effects can affect a player from opaque side of a Black Mirror if a stun grenade fell between the walls.
  • Fixed – Destruction does not replicate properly after joining a match in progress.
  • Fixed – Bullet tracers are not consistent between first and third person view.
  • Fixed – Sometimes reloading doesn’t actually reload the weapon, even though the animation plays.
  • Fixed – The Defuser falls out of the world if dropped while the carrier is prone near the door concrete step at EXT Construction Site in Oregon.
  • Fixed – Only the wood trim of windows on Bartlett break when a drone jumps into them but not the glass.
  • Fixed – The Defuser cannot be placed on the bomb site after partially destroying the floors.
  • Fixed – It is sometimes possible to shoot through the destructible walls/floor/ceiling beams through the indestructible floor/ceiling/objects.
  • Fixed – Switching from a unique gadget to a secondary gadget doesn’t unequip the unique gadget.
  • Fixed – Drones can clip all partial destructible floors if thrown from prone position.
  • Fixed – Holding down shift while mid-air prevents single fire weapons from shooting.
  • Fixed – Players can skip cinematic once he returned to Thatcher’s loadout menu
  • Fixed – Placing a claymore on the location where the MVP screen takes place will result in glitched animations at the end of the match.
  • Fixed – Multiple animation appear when shooting any weapons in any replay or End of round when it should not.
  • Fixed – A player can set a shield in a doorway, barricade it, destroy part of it and eject himself into the walls.
  • Fixed – Operators make a 180 degree spin when placing a Breach Charge on the floor while sprinting.
  • Fixed – Walls partially destroyed with shotguns or throwable explosives generate inconsistent vaulting prompts.
  • Fixed – Prompt button to drop the Defuser appear onscreen of the player reviving his teammate.
  • Fixed – Dead bodies can block claymores movement sensor.
  • Fixed – In some maps, Claymores can be placed while rappelling with a broken animation.
  • Fixed – Belt fed LMGs benefit from the +1 round of a tactical reload.
  • Fixed – The wrong team wins if the last defender is killed in the last second of the match.
  • Fixed – While carrying the hostage you can mount the Tachanka’s LMG without dropping the hostage.
  • Fixed – Entering the rappel animation will not cancel reloading if the magazine is empty.
  • Fixed – When a defender is firing at an attacker with a ballistic shield, bullet decals can appear on a second operator’s Ballistic Shield glass.
  • Fixed – Sometimes the bomb is not registered as detected by attackers or by their drones. Either it takes longer than expected or it will not be detected at all.
  • Fixed – Joining an in-progress game on a player who is picking up and dropping the hostage can result in the hostage position not being replicated properly.
  • Fixed – Operators can have shots appearing to come from the gun tip in 3rd person, even if the shots in 1st person are shot from the face height. This can cause replays to show each shot fired by a player with their gun obstructed to show all misses and hit the obstruction.
  • Fixed – Main weapon becomes invisible in support mode if a player deploys a gadget right after joining in progress message is displayed.
  • Fixed – When joining an in progress game, players can see Twitch’s hand empty when she has her drone in her right hand and is deploying.
  • Fixed – In rare occasions, the debris of a barricade may remain floating in the air during the end of round or death replay. The issue is not limited by barricades destroyed by explosives and can occur on any destroyed barricade.
  • Fixed – Closing the game completely while in Operator Select causes players to see Spectator, GAMESERVER, left the game error messages.
  • Fixed – Legs will go through walls when moving back and forth in a corner.
  • Fixed – Wall reinforcements debris float after destruction.
  • Fixed – Scanning Defenders with Drones does not always result in identifying them.
  • Fixed – Players will sometimes be displaced a small distance after spawning.
  • Fixed – When creating a Custom Game with the maximum number of maps the user will receive the wrong error message.
  • Fixed – An enemy operator can appear as a 2D texture when approaching broken walls or vaulting over windows. No more interdimensional travel, Monty.
  • Fixed – The destruction made to barricades before joining in progress is not replicated for the clients in support mode.
  • Fixed – Camera does not always properly align with the head while leaning.
  • Fixed – If a player disconnects when using Tachanka’s LMG, it will create a desync between the gadget and the server.
  • Fixed – Dropping from a height and deploying a gadget will cause players to get stuck in the animation.

If you want to check out the other tweaks, of which there are many, head over here.

So there you go! Lots of changes made to a game that has really carved a niche and made something for itself. 

Will you be joining in on the Blood Orchid action? You can see the new characters in action here, and view a trailer for the new map here.

Source: Rainbow 6 (Official)

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