Here’s How to Get the Best Horse in Red Dead Redemption 2, No Story Progression Required

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With Red Dead Redemption 2’s big, expansive in-game world, having a reliable horse to ride on is really important. And with the in-game horses permanently dying, it’s super important to find the right one, take care of it, so it’ll be around until you complete the game.

What if you’re looking for the best horse in the game though? We got you covered! While you can check out the video below posted by YoTuber Arrekz Gaming to watch it all unfold, the step-by-step guide can be read below for those who want a quicker way of digesting the info!

Remember: this is a horse that you can get at anytime as long as you can free-roam!

Step-by-step guide on How to Get the Best Horse in Red Dead 2:

  • Go to the top leftmost corner of the map (Lake Isabella).
  • It’s a snowy area, so have Arthur wear something for cold climates.
  • You’ll see the horse (Arabian) and it’s white, which makes it harder to see given the white, snowy backdrop. Just poke around the lake and it will be there. It’s a fixed spawn, so it’s guaranteed that the steed will be there.
  • It’s a wild horse, which means you’ll have to tame it.
  • Once you see the horse (remember: it’s an Arabian white horse), hold L2/LB to focus on the horse.
  • Walk slowly towards it, and DO NOT RUN at it or you’ll spook it away.
  • Pay close attention to the bar on the lower right hand corner of your screen, if the meter goes down and is about to run out, tap square to calm the horse down.
  • Every time the horse gets agitated or is about ready to go wild and run, stop moving so it doesn’t get spooked and leaves you biting the dust (er, snow?).
  • Continue approaching the horse slowly, being mindful of calming the horse down as you slowly move.
  • Once you’re close enough, pat it (square button).
  • Pat all done? Mount the horse!
  • Once you’ve mounted it, it will try to throw you off! Best thing to do is to hold the left analog stick down initially, and then hold it the opposite way the horse is moving (ie: if the horse tries to go left, hold right on the analog stick and so on).
  • The game will notify you once the horse is broken in.
  • Once you’ve done that, you can then get your saddle and put that on your brand new, super agile horse!

Here’s a screenshot of the horse’s stats:

As another sidenote, this breed of horse will become available in later parts of the game, but that requires you finish a certain part of the story before it’s available for purchase. So if you want to save, and get the best horse in the game right away, follow the instructions above.

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