Report: Battlefield 1 Apocalypse DLC Weapons, Gadgets and Maps Revealed in Datamine

Following the recent Battlefield 1 CTE update, Reddit user Strikaaa has found game files pointing towards potential upcoming DLC weapons, gadgets, and maps.

There’s potentially five new maps, six new guns, three new melee weapons, and two/three new gadgets.

Take a look at the full list of file names below:


  • Alps
  • Blitz (not Ballroom Blitz, that one is called Chateau)
  • Hell
  • Offensive
  • River


  • BSA Howell M1916 (SLR)
  • Chauchat SMG (SMG)
  • MG 08/18 (LMG)
  • Enfield 1917 (Rifle)
  • Ross Mk III (Rifle)
  • Webley Mk 6 (Revolver)

Melee Weapons:

  • Broken Bottle
  • Meat Cleaver
  • Prybar


  • Camera Pigeon
  • Livens Projector (mortar-like device)
  • (Prybar is listed here too, maybe there’s some additional functionality)

Getting slashed with a broken bottle sounds like a horrible way to go! And that meat cleaver sounds terrifying, too…

If these files do indicate what’s coming in the Battlefield 1 Apocalypse DLC, which feature are you most looking forward to? Let us know.

In other Battlefield 1 news, DICE has detailed “The Road Ahead” and offered players a free map to try out, all Operations are now accessible to all players with no Premium Pass requirement, and Battlepack Revision #74 is now live.

Source: Reddit

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