Report: Battlefield 2021 Might Be Called Battlefield 6, Trailer to be 5-Minutes Long

battlefield 6

Following today’s Battlefield 2021 reveal trailer countdown livestream, it seems more info has surfaced regarding the game thanks to that particular announcement. One of these could point to the game’s title, which could very well be “Battlefield 6” based on the reveal stream’s link!

Battlefield YouTuber (and sometimes MP1st friend DANNYonPC) saw the “BF6” in the game’s URL:

Not only that, but googling the string “Battlefield reveal trailer premiere” shows that the reveal trailer is at the five-minute mark too! Here’s a screenshot we took as proof:

Of course, both info could be wrong given EA or DICE might have tagged this year’s as Battlefield 6 (BF6) as the placeholder given the last title in the series was Battlefield V, and doesn’t necessarily mean this year’s iteration will follow the same numbering sequencing. As for the video itself, that could be a placeholder footage that loops and is five minutes in total.

We’ll know more for sure later this week on June 9 when the official Battlefield 2021 reveal trailer is unleashed to gamers worldwide.

Update: The tags of the reveal trailer alos has “BF6” tags in ’em!

Again, this is not a guarantee that Battlefield 6 will be the title, and might have been used as a placeholder name when the game was in development.

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