Report – Battlefield 4 Final Stand DLC To Introduce The “Spyder Bow” and “Phantom” Weapon

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A new update to the Battlelog landed today in preparation for Battlefield 4’s upcoming Final Stand DLC, whose exact launch date is still a mystery.

Along with changing up the background to reflect the new DLC’s winter-y theme, new entries were also added to Battlefield 4’s list of assignments and dog tags, some of which suggest a few interesting things, like the inclusion of a bow and arrow weapon called the “Spyder” and another mysterious weapon called the “Phantom”.

As JackFrags points out in the video you can watch above, the new “Phantom Operative” assignment clearly displays a bow and arrow weapon behind the a golden skull in its design. In addition, a weapon called the “Spyder” has been spotted in the game’s code, which also lists a number of different attachments like a Stabilizer, Explosive Arrows, Target Detector, etc.

Battlefield 3’s Aftermath DLC introduced the Crossbow to the series earlier, but unlike that expansion, the list of attachments suggests Battlefield 4’s bow could be a primary weapon instead of a gadget.

While this next segment should be taken with a grain of salt, user TheRadGamerDan appears to have discovered the requirements for the Phantom Operative assignment, which asks players to score 200 kills with the “Phantom”, and score 50 head shots with the “Phantom”. The reward appears to be the Spyder Bow mentioned above.

So far, the only confirmed new weapons in Final Stand are the Rorsch MK-1 Rail Gun and XD-1 Accipiter Drone Battle Pickups, along with the HT-95 Levkov Hover Tank and Snowmobile for vehicles.

Check out the video above and tell us what you think in the comments! What could the “Phantom” really be, if it even exists?