Report: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 New Tactical Rifle Leaked via the COD Mobile App

black ops 4 new tactical rfile

In case you didn’t know, Activision launched a new Call of Duty app late last year to coincide with Black Ops 4’s release. In it, players can change loadouts, check stats, and more. Well, apparently, it’s now also a source of leaked stuff!

Over on Reddit, user BanimmeDoeReddit spotted a Black Ops 4 new tactical rifle called the S6 Stingray as part of the tactical rifles list! There’s only one problem though, there is no S6 Stingray tactical rifle in the game just yet!

black ops 4 new tactical rifle

As you can see, it’s lumped in with the current tactical rifles like the Swordfish, ABR, etc. Bear in mind though, there’s no guarantee that this will be in the game, but given how Treyarch has rolled out new guns in Black Ops 4 via new Operations and whatnot, this could very well be the new gun coming down the line soon.

Hopefully, this won’t be part of Activision’s player “testing” and can be earned without a lot of fuss.

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