Report: Colombian Retailer Already Selling Xbox Series X, Posts Unboxing Video

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With the Xbox Series X|S set to launch in a few weeks, it seems some retailers already have the next-gen console in stock, and don’t really care for street sell dates. Colombian retailer Smile Games has apparently started selling the Xbox Series X ahead of time, and what’s more, they even posted an unboxing video!

According to people on the Xbox subreddit, the store is legit (as in, it’s been around for quite some time), and that the person has mentioned how he has 10 Xbox Series X units for sale, with eight already being pre-sold. One redditor translated that the person in the video says that he paid more than the retail price for this (Xbox Series X) console as well with someone else pointing that there’s an added $40 for each console which puts the total price at $700!

Of course, it’s never a good idea to break the street date of a product given big corporations like Microsoft can sic their legal hounds on you ASAP. Will that happen here? I wouldn’t be surprised if it did. Having said that though, it does seem like Xbox Series X units are already out in the wild, so don’t be surprised if more breakdowns of the console and new details surface in the coming days and weeks before the official launch.

Would you be willing to pay more in order to have an Xbox Series X before it’s November 10 launch date? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.